At TechAds, we value the discreet handling of personal data. We carefully process and secure the personal data of all involved parties, adhering to all requirements set forth by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In this privacy statement, we explain which personal data we collect, use, and for what purpose.

Collection and processing of customer data:

We store and use only the personal data that is directly provided by you or is clearly provided to us for the purpose of using our services. You can also request access, modification, or deletion of the personal data we have on file for you. See our contact information at the bottom of this document for details.

Big Data:

TechAds obtains Big Data through international collaborations with so-called Ad Exchanges. TechAds collaborates with parties such as Appnexus, Rubicon, Linkedin, Microsoft, and many more. These parties collect only data that the end user has agreed to share. This is in accordance with European privacy guidelines.

TechAds then collects this data and uses it for campaigns. By using advanced algorithms, we can accurately reach the right people. The filters used work per 1000 users, so we do not have access to the exact data of individual users.

Security of personal data:

TechAds uses strict security procedures to prevent unauthorized access to personal data. We use secure connections (Secure Sockets Layer or SSL) to shield all information exchanged between you and our website.